TS Red River Tuff

Date of Birth:
TS Red River's sire is the 105.1250" TTT and 122.1250" TH, Cowboy Tuff Chex. He weighs in at 1,675 lbs. His grand dam, BL Rio Catchit, is 100.3750" TTT and 118.75" TH. Then there is 80.8750" TTT, JP Rio Grande, and 78" TTT, TX W Lucky Lady, both on top and bottom, 78.25" TTT, Cowboy Chex, 81.50" TTT, LCR Buena Joya, 73.75" TTT, BL Patchit, and 70" TTT, Hatchet, both on top and bottom, Farlap Chex, J.R. Grand Slam, VJ Tommie, Roundup, BL Poco Bueno and it just goes on and on. All of his offspring are Millennium Futurity eligible.
Red River
Owner Name:
Terry and Sherri Adcock
Bob Loomis
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